I am interested in finding out how many of these rare organs still exist in the UK as I own a couple and specialise in their restoration. Many of these organs have been parted out as people were unable to get them fixed in the past so I want to let it be known that I can repair them.

If you live in the UK and are the owner of a Lowrey Heritage model DS, DSA, DSL, DSL-0, DSO or Heritage Deluxe DSO-1 and would like to contibute, please send a photograph of your organ's serial number plate so that I can see the model and serial numbers to and I will add it to the list.

OWNER                  MODEL         S/N               LOCATION

Steve Carter         DSA                364175      Preston

Stuart Mayor        DSO-1           385220

Kelvin                       DSO-1            385223      Wallsend

Pete Shaw              DSO-1           386788      North Wales

Chris Stanbury    DSO-1           387467      London

Kelvin                      DSO                387615      Wallsend

Rory More             DSO-1            387620      London

Drawbar Dave      DSO-1           387718      West Sussex

Stuart Mayor        DSO-1            387768

Rory More              DSO-1           387787      London

Stuart Mayor         DSO-1           387887

Kelvin                        DSO-1           387902     Wallsend

Adrian Rose           DSO-1           388135      Merseyside