Picture shows the new DBD3 portable organ. The first model was built for Virtuoso Jazz Organist Ross Stanley. See him play it at Ronnie Scotts on 22nd March 2021 here

A bit about me

I have spent many years restoring and maintaining Tonewheel Hammonds, Leslies, Combo Organs, Amplifiers and Vintage Effects.

I have amassed a great deal of knowledge and skills in this time, as well as lots of spare parts and specialist diagnostic equipment. My skills include electronic diagnosis and repair, servicing, re-wiring and portablising organs to make them roadworthy. I have been asked by professional artists and studio owners to look after their pride and joy. I have a long list of custom mods that have become popular with some of my clients. See the Services page for this.

Please also browse through the case studies to see the variety of projects that I have completed. I have included some of my professional clients on the Artist page.

Please do use the contact form on this website to get in touch with me if you would like to discuss your requirements.